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Voulet by DentistChicken Voulet by DentistChicken

Voulet | Avian | Neutral

    This avian species is incredibly friendly and unafraid of players. When tamed, they are well known for bringing any traveler to and from their destination by way of flight. Special saddles allow for comfortable flights for both passenger and Voulet. They survive off of a herbivorous diet and enjoy hugs.

Difficulty Rating

Rating Star [Empty] Rating Star [Empty] Rating Star [Empty] Rating Star [Empty] Rating Star 
Level Recommended: 1 - 10


Peck | deals 20-50 Damage
Claw | Flies up and thrashes with their talons, clawing the player. Deals 30 damage and can cause 15 Bleed/turn for three turns.

Dropped Items

Voulet Feathers
Voulet Talon
Voulet Egg
Tamability: 25%
Time Most Prevalent:

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